The importance of the book and its benefits

The importance of the book and its benefits
The importance of the book and its benefits
The importance of the book and its benefits

The importance of the book and its benefits


The book is the first teacher of humankind and the benefits are almost incalculable, but I will try to count some of them in this subject The book, which has a variety of subjects and science in the end must have a valuable benefit between the two books.

 The importance of the book and its benefits:

A bank of words: the book provides the reader with a huge amount of words and terms, it enriches the linguistic queens, the more a person reads books more he got new terms and expressions and sentences. A world of ideas: Reading books will enrich his intellectual world, and see things differently.

He will find that intellectual or even literary books offer him many contradictory ideas that he will not necessarily endorse, but over time he will reach a stage where he will accept the difference with a great welcome, and will necessarily raise awareness of the world.

Around him, and he will decide his intellectual side.

 Imaginative: the sentences that the reader will read will form in his brain as living images, these images will become more dazzling over time, even the finest movies will not be able to keep up with human fiction, and people have always said the phrase:

the novel is more beautiful than the film, and this is because they translate the words of the books each different The most beautiful and innovative, and words that the reader gets from the books will not be read as words in the brain, the brain is the most impressive image factor.

 Knowledge: The reader got to read what he does not know, it is the first source of education for anyone, there is no better than the book to learn different sciences, you books can learn everything about a place or about the sciences of nature, biology, language, public relations, history, religions or anything.

 A place to meet dead celebrities:

in books history documents the characters that you can not meet, in the books the reader can meet those who have not yet existed fiction is capable of everything.

 A Guide to Different Cultures: In the books, the reader will find the details of the cultures of different countries, with descriptions or images and drawings attached that support the clear vision of people who might not be able to see them elsewhere.

A way to empathize and gather support: Some books, such as novels, and even philosophical, documentary and historical absorb the reader of his ability to refuse, and make him convinced by the viewpoint of the author, so often resort to politicians, for example, to write their history of the struggle to read the public, and draw them to their class.

The book is able to make someone Great reading of his biography, as did Obama, Bill Gates, Clinton, and Erdogan, as examples of this interest, even some issues such as the Palestinian issue was one of the most prominent Arab literature highlighted in several books and perhaps the most notable Dervin Darwish, and Radwa Ashour, and her husband The great poet Mourid Barghouti.

Power: books can give power to continue, so self-confidence, self-confidence is a goal for everyone who feels the difficulty of life and continue in it, and some writers have taken this type of writing as his goal.

the American writer Dania Steel is classified as one of the most important writers of this type (do after the setback).

She specializes in this kind of story, which begins with a catastrophe such as the death of a husband, lover, mother, or the loss of an important sensory.

such as looking or divorced after a short period of marriage, to shock in the end that her heroes finally found happiness in spite of all that went through them.

An ethical behavioral guide: books promote good values, reject bad values, fight evil, support goodness, an easy way to discard lies, and classify those who think about harm.

In books, the reader can find a world that hates abominations and upholds Mahmood to cultivate in the heart of the recipient of morality and adults.

 Another life: in books, the reader will learn about the experiences of others, learn from him unless he is exposed in real life, it is a good alternative to receive lessons to prevent the reader from facing the failed experiences, it teaches him to solve problems yourself when going through them afterward.

Best Friend: Over time the reader will find that the book is the best friend will not regret the time spent reading a book, whatever his opinion of it.

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