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The best scientific books you can read

The best scientific books you can read

The best scientific books you can read

The hobby of reading has fallen a lot back in recent years after the advent of the Internet, which attracts many intellectuals, and novices, and it became easier and faster to search for any information on the Internet instead of reading a book, but the love of reading paper books has another taste is indispensable to read the book E-books, multi-directional and multicultural books, each with its own lovers, and scientific books are of particular importance, they may be the source for obtaining scientific facts for much of what is going on in our great world, and in this article we suggest some scientific books Arabic, and translated to Arabic, which is considered by intellectuals uh Yeh especially for beginners.

The best scientific books you can read:

1. Scientific Thinking:

A book by Dr. Fouad Zakaria, published in 1978, which is one of the publications of the world of knowledge series, the book reviews many ideas such as the definition of scientific thinking, and display the distinctive characteristics of it, the transformation in the history of science, the relationship between science and society, and the presentation of ethical elements in World, we find the book full of intellectual excitement,

2. Top five ideas in science:

A book written by Charles Wayne and Arthur Wiggins, translated into Arabic provides a simple summary of the most important complex scientific theories, using graphic and cartoon drawings, to incorporate the spirit of humor and humor in explaining the illnesses, and deals with many scientific theories such as the atom model in physics, periodic table in Chemistry, The Big Bang Theory in Astronomy, Theory of Tectonic Panels in Geology, and Theory of Evolution in Biology.

3. The Seven Ideas that Shook the World:

A book by Nathan Spielberg and Bryon Anderson, translated into Arabic, presents the seven most important ideas in physics in a simple, understandable way. It does not require a previous scientific culture to understand it. Newton, energy and entropy, relativity, quantum theory, symmetry, and laws of matter and energy survival.

4. Universe:

It was written by Karl Sagan, a translator of Arabic, one of the most famous scientists of the modern era, the owner of the Cosmos program, which caused a great scientific sensation, and the book of the universe is the first step of the program, the book has contributed to the dissemination of science on a large scale, the book presents the discoveries of astronomical, and physical , And the journey of humans to discover the universe and the world of space in a simple way up to multiple levels of thought.

5. Cell, very short introduction:

Written by John Binder, Simon Ashrwood, a translated book of Arabic that combines many of the ideas and theories of the cell, its structure, its different forms, and the way it divides.It is considered one of the most important books that enable the cell to be well understood.It is also the first step in the sciences of medicine and biology.

6. Physics of the Impossible:

A book translated into Arabic by physicist Michio Kaku, which takes the reader on an exciting scientific journey. Understanding them like time machines, traveling through space, which takes thousands of years to achieve, and finally techniques that contradict the laws of physics, which have been achieved will flip the scales of physics supernaturally.

7. Evolution of ideas in physics:

Einstein’s book, translated into Arabic, is a book that explores the evolution of the ideas of physics in its initial concepts, and even the counterpart of relativity and quantum, and outlines the attempts of human thought to find the connection between the world of ideas and the world of phenomena.

8. History of Science:

The book comes in two parts, which present the history of scientific theories 1500 years ago, and so far, a book that has been in great demand in the markets, characterized by its simple and attractive style, the book also provides the biography of some scientists, and the development of science through the ages Ancient, and even the age of modern science.

The best scientific books you can read
The best scientific books you can read
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