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How to write an article appropriately

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There are a few different types of article and some examples are the original research, clinical case study, clinical trial book review and informative articles. Each written article has its own special uniqueness, but they all portray some similar characters. Starting from the creation to the writing, it gives you the insight of what to expect from your work. It ends up creating directions for your professional article writing.

Main goals for the article

  1. Show facts or researches
  2. Defend a position
  3. Highlight the subject in an interactive manner
  4. Give directions

Firstly, you have to get used to being direct with your approach concerning the topic. During the time you spent trying to pinpoint the exact topic for discussion, it is best you think about the topic that will convey most of your points. This is done so that they are well suited for certain topics.
The most used forms are:

1.Feature: This talks about something that is unique or a subject that is magical or extraordinary. It is different from news journal article.

2.Publishing supervisor: This work must portray the writer’s point of view regarding debates. Intending to make the person who reads it understand accordingly in a positive way.

3.Bulletin: This type shows current events as they do occur or something that will happen in the nearest future.

Things to know before writing an article

1. The reader must be pointed out: there must be an understanding between the author and the person who reads it. For instance, there is a dance festival in a state. When writing about it, people from that state must understand that you are talking directly about them, you must engage with the reader – try not to lose that connection.

2.It has to grab their attention: If by chance you are browsing through the net and a headline fire booster caught your attention and you click to open the page. Trust me, you only opened the page because of the title which got your attention. Do the same to your article title.

3.It has to be interesting: For you to write articles online, it has to be engaging for your audience before they can consider reading all the way till the end.

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