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5 most amazing scientific books you must try it

5 most amazing scientific books you must try it
5 most amazing scientific books you must try it
5 most amazing scientific books you must try it

5 most amazing scientific books you must try it

At the start of the summer holiday, we have a number of thoughts and questions about how to spend it, with the greatest dose of enjoyment, benefit, or both. There is a specific group who are passionate about reading, spending most of their vacation time reading books, but their holiday passes little benefit, because they focus on one type of books – mostly novels – or human development books whose only benefit is that it enriches your language balance and sells you dreams. If you belong to this category, whether you are a beginner in reading or with long experience this article is addressed to you, we will review through the top five scientific books translated will enrich your knowledge and explore the mysteries of science.

1 / Why science?

This book is suitable for both beginner and advanced reading; it is an important introduction in the field of science, and contains important information about the evolution of science from the era of the Greeks to our time, and how physics became the mother of science in our time.

Trying to simplify science Roger J. Newton to answer the great question: Why is science important to our development? Why is the nation’s progress or delay measured?

As science writes, science is not merely the acquisition of scientific information or the intellectual possession of material and technological information; it is a method of understanding and studying reality based on critical mind, with the aim of empirical intervention for change. Therefore comes the importance of scientific books and study

2 / The most concise history of time

Stephen Hawking in 2005, together with Lenard Mladenov, revived his masterpiece “The Brief History of Time”, published in 1988. The updated version speaks of scientific achievements in the interval between the two books, as well as a tour of the universe from its inception. To date and the best mysteries and features.

The book made huge sales; this was due to Hawking’s method of entrenching information, in addition to the topics covered in the book in a simplified manner such as: the nature of space and time, the role of God in creation, and the history and future of the world.

3 / Brief history of almost everything

Award-winning book for scientific books in 2004.

“This is the book I’ve been looking for all my life… informative boxes, amazing stories, and superheroes”

This was the commentary of Christopher Matthew of the Daily Mail about this book.

Bill Bryson developed this book to answer the scientific questions he does not know about the earth and nature in general, these questions that fell upon him staring at the sea from the window of the plane turned into a pleasant trip for him and us; as Bryson did not lift us to convey these scientific ideas but trampled us in the form of Intertwined tales are easy to rhythm;

How did we come out of nowhere? And how did we get to where we are today? It is a journey of exploration of the world that transcends the boundaries of time and space in order for the image to be clear.

4 / The universe is one of the most famous scientific books simply

If we meditate ourselves from a cosmic perspective
Each of us is priceless
If you disagree with a person, let him live
In 100 billion galaxies, you will find no one else.

Wonderful Carl Sagan “Universe”

One of the greatest science publishers, he worked at NASA and contributed to several huge scientific discoveries, Sagan transformed his famous television series “The Universe” Odessa time and space into this book, talking about the most important ideas and discoveries we discovered about our visible universe, and our status in This universe. It is a journey from the depths of history filled with legends and myths of our current science from the beginnings of creation and the discovery of fire to the ships of Voyager, which will remain sailing in the depths of space for a huge number of years.

5 / Ten most beautiful experiences ever:

Ten most beautiful experiences ever

Johnson, the winner of the best science writer award, highlights ten historical experiments that reveal the simplicity of the main features of our bodies and our world. The book includes an impressive and irresistible collection of the most beautiful experiences that have opened new horizons in scientific history. Scientific, and most importantly, it shows us the minds and interesting characters that brought these experiments into existence, from Galileo’s experiments with the movement to the experiments of Millikan on the electron. The author provides a convincing and masterful description of the daily lives of the likes of Lavoisier and Michaelson’s search for peace of mind.

Readers who prefer to self-teach will find it fun to read this book.
George Johnson is a science writer and is regularly published in The New York Times, Scientific American and other scientific publications.

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